Peace Education Campus 2019 schedule



Sunday February 10th
  • Afternoon- Gratosoglio Maria Madre della Chiesa Parish Centre, via Saponaro 28, welcome to guests.
  • Dinner- 20:00 pm  Buffet Parish Centre.
  • Evening- 9:00 pm, Gratosoglio, welcome concert with music bands from Milanese high school.
Monday February 11th
  • Morning- 10:00 am, PIM-OFF theater, via Selvanesco (tramway n.15 or n.3 from Abbiategrasso square, stop Missaglia Feraboli). Introduction of participants and group exchange through performing techniques (video, music, theatre).
  • Lunch- Parish Centre.
  • Afternoon- 15:00 pm, Parish Centre Playgrounds Sports tournaments (volleyball, soccer and basketball) sponsored by CSI (Centro Sportivo Italiano) Milano featuring amateur sports associations USSB and La Fenice ore 19 Awards ceremony with professional players.
  • Dinner- Parish Centre.
Tuesday February 12th
  • Morning- 10:00 am, 10 a.m. Meeting at Liceo Parini – via Goito, 4 Milano Introduction to the theme of the campus in a historical perspective by dott. Bernardinello Stefano: (Milan is always Milan: a meshwork of relations between centre and periphery, past and present). After the lecture, all participants will get to Abbiategrasso square by public transport. They will follow 5 routes while keeping records of urban and sociological features. From Abbiategrasso square trip on private bus to Pieve Emanuele Centro Formazione Professionale.
  • Lunch- CFP (technical school) in Pieve Emanuele.
  • Afternoon- 16:00 pm Gratosoglio – Maria Madre della Chiesa Parish Centre feedback on the route experience of the morning with Prof. Gabriele Rabaiotti, Councillor for Housing and Public Works of Milan City and Prof. Agostino Petrillo, Environment and Territory Sociologist from the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of Milan Polytechnic University.
  • Dinner- 7p.m. on MULTIETHNIC DINNER
  • Evening- 21:00 p.m. Gratosoglio – Postcards from the world storytelling about some experiences in peripheries of the world where renewal plans bore fruit and achieved successful results. Pastoral Project for Migrants in Frankfurt (p. Keßler scalabriniano); sports in places of sorrow: Haiti (Massimo Achini) Street teachers in Naples (Cesare Moreno), Palestine, Associazione Education builds Bosnia ed Erzegovina di Sarajevo (J Djviak). Feedback in groups and conclusions.
Wednesday February 13th
  • Morning- 10:00 am, Sforza Castle, meeting with Prof. G. P. Charmet on Attractiveness of the unfinished: prompts to look in the mirror through Pietà Rondanini by Michelangelo. Visit to the sculpture and other hidden treasures of Sforza Castle.
  • Lunch- FREE
  • Afternoon- 15:00 pm, Asteria Cultural Centre . Piazza Carrara – Milano (tramway n.3 stop Meda-Cermenate) Screening of the film “Come un gatto in tangenziale” (Like a Cat on the Freeway) Followed by meeting and discussion with director Riccardo Milani.
  • Dinner- Parish Centre.
  • Evening- Interfaith prayer vigil with S.E. Mons. Mario Delpini archbishop of Milano, the Imam of Sesto S. Giovanni Abdullah Tchina and representatives of other religions.
Thursday February 14th
  • Morning- 10:00 am, Gratosoglio Maria Madre della Chiesa Parish Centre: Lives ransomed from marginality. Listening to some witnesses.
  • Lunch- Pariah Centre.
  • Afternoon- Volunatry work in various associations of the city.
  • Dinner- Voluntary work/FREE.
Friday February 15th
  • Morning- 10:00 am, Asteria Cultural Centre invitation to pupils of secondary school (13/14 agers) former Bosnian general Jovan Djviak comments on the courage of going against the tide.
  • Lunch- FREE.
  • Afternoon- 3:30 pm, Palazzo Marino (City Hall) conclusion Dott.ssa Anna Scavuzzo vice-Mayor of Milan City.